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Established in 2021, Tokii is a family start up created to provide authentic Oral Care Solutions through Simple Innovative Designs. Our first product also called Tokii is a patented product inspired by the 5000 year Science of Ayurveda. It was designed to enhance our oral care regime by introducing tongue scraping at the tip of our toothbrush!
1) Toothbrush With Soft Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bristles
2) Telescopic Movement Half Moon Tongue Scraper
3) TOKII Hygienic Holder
4) Waterproof Travel Pouch
When used regularly:

1) It facilitates the reduction of bad breath or Halitosis.
2) Removes unwanted bacteria & toxins on Tongue.
3) Reduces Incidence of Plaque & Removes Stains
4) Improves Sense of Taste
5) Improves Appearance of Tongue
6) Soft bristles massage the gums & reduce incidence of gum disease

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