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Our Mission is to bridge the gap between Alternative and Western care with complimentary services to empower our community at every stage of their wellness journey.

We believe that knowledge is power and when an individual is able to educate themselves on care options; to build a community and find balance, it changes how they see the journey and they are able to find power and their voice.

Our wish is to empower individuals to know that they have the power to create the change they want to see in their life.

Why are Complementary & Alternative Treatments So Powerful
If you are struggling with your health, you'll do everything you can to get your health back. This means, as part of your health journey, you may wish to add Complementary and Alternative Medicine also known as (CAM) with Chemo, radiation, and surgery as part of your wellness plan.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine can support an individual on four different levels. Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. By giving you back your power of choice.

When we feel we have a choice and are able to play an active role in our individual wellness journey this feeds our positive outlook.

When we play an active role instead of relying solely on someone else for our overall well-being this gives us back the feeling of control.

Contact Jessica Schreiner to learn more about donating and how you can support our mission! (714) 337-3264

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