Membership Growth & Events Coordinator

Posted: 05/09/2024

Membership Growth & Events Coordinator Job Announcement
Brea Chamber of Commerce
Full-time, Non-Exempt
In Person Reporting (in Brea at Chamber office)
Reports to: President/CEO
Salary: $45,000 to $58,000 (plus bonus potential)
Mission and Competencies
Drives increased membership growth and participation in the Discover Brea and Restaurant Loyalty program through effective sales and marketing, retention, outreach, logistics coordination, and communications strategies. Provide visually engaging, content relevant, well-read, and compelling electronic communications including News to Use, and promotional materials for events, ribbon-cuttings, awards programs, etc. with branding and messaging consistency. Create visually engaging content/media for social media, website, events, and other communications needs. Plan and execute successful events such as ribbon-cuttings and member appreciation visits. Provide member support and effective support to Supervisory staff, including filling in where needed.

Outcomes and Competencies
1. Grow the Discover Brea / Restaurant Loyalty Program:
  • Drives the growth of Discover Brea by securing two (s) local restaurants and businesses to participate with meaningful discounts per month.
  • Increases Discover Brea Loyalty Card sales and implements strategies to further increase sales.
  • Coordinates the scheduling of filming appointments at participating restaurants and businesses for promotional and social media purposes in collaboration with other team members.
[Key competencies needed: [Persuasion, Persistence, Intelligence, Organization and planning, Follow-through, Aggressiveness, Proactivity, Responsiveness/Customer Service, Efficiency, Attention to detail]

2. Increase New Member Sales and Member Retention:
  • Increases membership sales and member retention.
  • Builds strong relationships with members through outreach, direct communications, marketing, social media and Member Appreciation visits, and responsiveness to feedback.
  • Creates and delivers engaging communications to drive participation, involvement, enthusiasm for the Chamber, and increased ticket sales.
  • Collaborates on the monthly dues invoicing with Administrative Assistant to include compelling messaging for renewal and makes follow up calls to members who have not renewed by 90 days after invoicing. Produces reports of same.
  • Provides effective member support services, based on needs and desires of members.
  • Coordinates the annual member feedback process.
  • Coordinates an annual membership drive utilizing Ambassadors, the Board of Directors and other resources to leverage Chamber relationships to build membership.
  • Maintains detailed and accurate member records in Chamber Master.
[Key competencies needed: [Persuasion, Organization and planning, Attention to detail, Intelligence, Follow-through, Proactivity, Persistence, Listening skills, Relationship building, Responsiveness/Customer Service.]

3. Successfully Plan and Execute Events:
  • Plan and execute successful monthly Member Appreciation events.
  • Plan and execute successful ribbon-cutting events.
  • Plan and execute member events like workshops and orientations that support member needs.
  • Coordinate logistics for committee meetings, such as Ambassador Committee meetings, including agenda, meeting support materials, minutes/notes, etc.
[Key competencies needed: [Organization and planning, Attention to detail, Proactivity, Efficiency, Follow-through.]

4. Drive Effective and Well-Branded Communication and Outreach:
  • Create and deliver a monthly newsletter, "News to Use," ensuring relevance and high engagement.
  • Create and deliver communications on events, ribbon-cuttings, Member Appreciation, meetings, awards, and all other developments appropriate for communication and outreach.
  • May supervise interns from time to time.
[Key competencies needed: [Intelligence, Proactivity, Organization and planning, Analytical skills, Follow-through, Persistence, Communication, Teamwork, Creativity/Innovation, Strategic thinking/visioning.]

5. Integrate effectively with a multi-disciplinary team that shares administrative duties of answering phones, data management, correspondence, customer service, event staffing, office management, and other clerical and administrative support duties as needed, etc.

[Key competencies needed: [Organization and planning, Follow-through, Proactivity, Flexibility/adaptability, Openness to criticism and ideas, Teamwork, Relationship building, Transparency, Personal growth, Solution oriented, Accountable.]

To apply for the position, candidates must complete a virtual screening interview. The virtual screening interview can be accessed at this link:

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