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Brea Chamber Receives and Donates over 10,000 Masks

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June 23, 2020
Brea Chamber Receives and Donates over 10,000 Masks
Partnering with Local Business Owner Dave Chai to Donate Masks to Small Business in Brea
BREA, CA- The Brea Chamber of Commerce continues to be a resource in the forefront of our business community. Due to uncertain times and constantly changing information, we as a chamber know that your business is our priority to help during these troubling times. A local business owner here in Brea, CEO of Audio Gear Group Dave Chai, has donated over 10,000 face masks for our local businesses to use.

Dave Chai is the owner of a company that creates, designs, distributes, and engineers high-quality home and commercial audio products. During these unprecedented times, he has been able to stay afloat with his business. Due to the affordable prices in various audio products that they provide, his business is thriving. Dave has had no layoffs in his company of 25 employees and has incorporated strict safety and health measures by maintaining social distance and keeping the workplace clean. Dave is forever thankful for his opportunity to donate the face masks to our local businesses which will aid in the fight to prevent and protect people from COVID-19 and he says, “America is the best country in the world, I cherish the opportunity that America and American people has given us to pursue the American dream.” Dave Chai states, “I choose to stay in Brea for my business because it is a good city and very business-friendly.”

The Brea Chamber knows the importance that small businesses face to remain afloat and keep their doors open during this pandemic and we understand safety and health is a top priority. The Brea Chamber of Commerce is here for every need, help, and support for our local businesses and we know we will all thrive and become stronger because of the massive amount of help and donations that we receive from people like Dave Chai.
About the Brea Chamber:
The Brea Chamber of Commerce exists to be:
The Catalyst for business growth:
  • We ensure common-sense decisions are made for growth and expansion in Brea.
  • The Convener of leaders and influencers to get things done
  • We bring in local businesses and policymakers to discuss issues in order to make better decisions for all of Brea.
The Champion for a thriving community:
  • We ensure our residents and businesses are educated and well-informed for a sustainable Brea.
  • For more information, please call the Chamber office at (714) 529-3660 or visit
Crystal Sayphraraj, Adminstrative / Communications, (714) 529-3660

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